Sunday, October 4, 2015

Compost Trommel / Sifter

Compost sifter almost finished, currently testing
8.5ft long drum
Total length 9.5ft

12) 3/4"x10' EMT Conduit     $43
4) 1/8" x 1.5"x 96" Flat rod     $18
4) 1/8" x 1"x 96" Flat rod     $12
120) Tek Screws 14 x 3/4"      $7
1) Plywood 4' x 8' x 15/32"     $20
HDPE 20mil plastic, 60 sqft.      $30
Used hole saw, 1.5" dia       $5
Wire mesh 1/8" x .14", 4ft x 12ft     $210
Aluminium Flashing, 12ft x 1ft cut in half lengthwise  $10

Total Cost $355

the other material were found or all ready had
55gal drum
heavy duty drill
Bike frame
Bike parts for bearings and chain drive

55 gal steel drum cut into rings
attached rings to main axel sleeves with 3/4" conduit

The "Wheels" are connected together with 1/8" flat rod to make a sifting drum 8.5ft long.
Aluminium flashing strips added on the ends, this helps to move the material into and out of the sifter.  

Drill with chain drive and dimmer switch speed control

Output side

Input side

Steel screen with 1/8" mesh, the screens were by far the most important part I bought

Ye olde Drill

11t cog welded to 1.5" hole saw with a 3/8" shank

11t cog drives 44t chainring, 1:4 reduction... something like 1:10 would be better, more torque is more better

Sifting woodchip compost,
 lots of worm castings

Discharged material

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