Sunday, October 26, 2014

Geodesic Greenhouse 10/25/14

Ground level

Fish tank

Sprouts and worm bins

Compost sifter

Looking up

Top level

Lemon Balm & Orange mint

Algae and Duckweed

Cilantro in 1 gallon pot

Tomato, Basil and Strawberries

Duckweed and Watercress


Green Cabbage


Harvested lettuce

Bagged lettuce, three pots yield a 1/3 pound every week

6" media bed

Red wiggler worm

Friday, October 10, 2014

Growing fish food


Worm Tea is added to water, algae and compost

Algae and duckweed

In a jar, all sorts of life floating around

Adding it to the fish tank

Worm Growth Info

The greenhouse is full of worms now, 4 full months after starting the worm bins with an initial population of 15,000 red wiggler worms.

One mature worm will produce 99 hatchlings over the time period of 11 weeks and those hatchlings will take 8-12 weeks to become mature worms.

15,000 worms x 99 hatchlings/11 weeks
= 1,485,000 hatchlings

The 15,000 worms keep reproducing given their is enough space, food and proper living conditions.

So.. for another 11 weeks
15,000 worms x 99 hatchlings/11 weeks
= 1,485,000 hatchlings

At this point (22 weeks) there are about...
15,000 mature worms 
1,485,000 additional hatchlings
1,485,000 juvenile worms (about to start reproducing)

In another 11 weeks there will be over 1,500,000 mature worms...
Fortunately the worms will slow their reproduction.

15,000 worms eat 7-15 pounds of food per day,  
1,500,000 worms would eat 750-1500 pounds of food per day.

I would estimate there are over 60,000 mature worms in the bins.

(Update 7/23/14)
More like 120,000 mature worms