Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greenhouse Lights/Homebrew LED

All the parts laid out

Cree Emitters mounted to Stars

Cree Star with solder applied to the pads.  It is important to apply the solder to the pad before mounting the LED to a heatsink.


Aluminium stock that the LEDs will mount to.
The strips are 1"W x 1/8"D x 144"L

Aluminium stock mounted to pine strips.

The Stock was attached with self tapping 1" screws.

LEDs and Thermal epoxy

Layout of the different color LEDs

The aluminum is cleaned with steel wool, 
rubbing alcohol and toilet paper

With surfaces clean the LED can be epoxied to the aluminum stock

 Wiring the LEDs together using 20g wire.

Epoxied 2100ma Buckpuck transformer

 Testing the first strip of lights





In sequence

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