Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cree1520 Led Setup

These Leds need bigger heat sinks and fans to cool them
A standard Led may be 1w
A high power Led is 5w
High power COB Leds are 15w and larger

$9......Arctic Alpine 64 GT Rev.2 CPU Cooler, fan and heat sink (x2)
$7......Power Adapter 12vdc, 1A
$9......In-line Driver 38vdc, 30w
$20.... Cree 1520 Led 3000k (x2)
$8......  Thermal paste  (.125)

$75....Total for two Lights

Picture of a Cree XPG next to two Cree 1520 COB's 

Heatsinks that came with the CPS fans

Power supply, linear switching is what you want, electronic vs. magnetic step down.

Mounted on heat sink

Wires tied in place to test the set up