Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fish Feed Tanks

Azolla Tank

Tanks in Series

Growing Algae in 3 gallons of water

Inline Fish feed growing

Greenhouse Construction

Legs for media beds

Vermicompost moved out of the greenhouse, 6 yes

Loosened up clay sub soil

Get a good look at that tank

Excavation 4"x8"8 one foot deep

lots of moving dirt

 Old tank with liner and front wall removed

60mil HDPE pond liner, super tough stuff but brutal to work with because of its stiffness

Old tank bowed out in all directions, half of the screw were sheared or broken when disassembled

Fish in temporary holding tanks  with heaters air stones and plants

ground leveled and tamped

tank in the ground 

Flush with tank

A layer of sand added for smoothness

Dura-skirm liner in place

All folded up and stapled 


Pump disassembled, easy

Monday, May 11, 2015

Water plants, Aquaponics solids, Zipgrow Towers

Home made solar hot water trials. 
The panel is 34"x34" and  contains 1.5 gallons of water
Small 1.5gal panel heats 5 gal of water from 60F to 130F in 4 hours
1.5gal =12lbs water
12lbs x 80F = 960btu

Solids in media bed after 10 months, never cleaned.. I never clean my beds

Lots of solids, the duckweed, cress, bugs, worms and algae
Media bed on top level

Salvinia water fern

Azolla water fern, fish love it

Tomato plants in 7", 6" and 3" compost pots in 3.5" deep media beds

Zip grow towers with basil and Strawberries

 Alexandria Strawberry
Atilla strawberry, runners ta booot

Outdoor aquaponic example/model

Compost pots in 3.5" media bed

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Whole Foods feeds National Gaurd

....As Baltimore's poorest kids are left hungry due to school closure...way to go, fascist scum. 
I think Americans may be ignorant to the world around them, grrr


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Aqua Lab Update 5/1/15

Front and center

Herding Worms

Zip grow towers, basil and strawberry

Basil and Strawberry


Feeding fish worms, 3200g of fish eat 60-80g of worms per day.  Thats 200-300 worms

Gobble, gobble

Seeding Lettuce

Tomato starts

Strawberry from seed

5.5" grow bed with soil pot removed