Wednesday, February 12, 2014

GH 20x32x10 Vermiponics

Drawing of Vermiponics

Volumes and Dimensions

Greenhouse structure material list

Aquaponic/Vermiponic structure material list

 Living things and Sprouting material list

Electric Supply and Lights material list

Total cost 

This is the first system I have drawn up that can generate enough money to repay the initial investment in under one year with out selling fish.  By farming worms, composting and sprouting the pressure is taken off the vegetable production to supply the bulk of the profit.  Worms are easier to propagate than fish and are in my opinion a much more valuable species.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


AZOMITE, is an acronym for A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements.
The name was first coined in 1942 by a prospector Rollin J. Anderson. Anderson had the ore analyzed and found over 70 elements in the ore.
What we think happened is,
"An estimated thirty million years ago, the intense pressure from volcanic gasses created by bubbling magna caused the side of a mountain to rupture. A thick cloud of ash spewed out of the blowhole for days and formed a thick bed of highly mineralized volcanic ash. Saturated by rains, the volcanic ash and mineral dust bound together naturally to create a hard rock formation encapsulating the minerals. As the rains continued, the mineral reserve became a seabed. The seas receded and intense tectonic activity followed, forcing the earth’s crust to facture and heave; lifting the previously level rock bed into a hill formation geologists refer to as a "hogback" – rich with minerals."
Anderson retired in 1988, turning the company over to Peak Minerals owned by Mr. Wes Emerson who was a family friend.  In 2011 Wes Emerson merged the two companies Peak Minerals with Azomite, becoming AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc.  Now Azomite is distributed worldwide and everyone can have access to this product.
Image of Nephi Utah, Azomite headquarters

Scenery in Sanpete County Utah
The Company

Azomite Warehouse

Azomite Ore

Stone Crusher
 Finished Product
Azomite in Warehouse

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Garden that Serves You

The way nature does it.
Garden Bed Construction

Heavy mulch retains moisture, buffers temperature and slowly breaks down to provide long term nutrition.

Compost provides short term nutrition and introduces bacteria, fungi and all sorts of invertebrates.

Azomite provides 92 minerals for bacteria and fungi to feed on, which intern feed the worms and plants.

Worms can be added for increased soil nutrition

Molasses adds sugars for increased bacteria growth

Mycorrhizae spores increase the fungal diversity.  
Fungi and bacteria supply water and minerals to plants from a larger surface area.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Aquaponic greenhouse follow up

Its almost been a month since leaving the project and I wanted to see what was up.
Pano 2/3/14