Thursday, October 8, 2015

Compost Heating and Anarobic Digester

Material List
Old Industrial/commercial hot water heater       Free
5 rolls 1"x100' Poly pipe/Irrigation pipe            $150
1" Plastic Hose Barbs                                        $5
.75"- 1.75" Stainless Hose Clamps, 10pk          $9
Old Hot water heater, 100 gallon tank

100 gallon Steel tank in the canter of the pile 

Poly pipe coiled around tank

1" poly pipe

Flange welded to tank lid and body

Large innertube thats cheaper than car tube, UV stabilized, yum.

Fresh Woodchips

Woodchips are watered throughly before adding to pile

Adding food scraps and Coffee grounds to woodchips

Hot Mix piled up against digester tank.

Hot mix: 10 woodchip : 5 Food Scraps/Coffee Grounds
lots of water, 100gal per yard of mix

Second winding of poly pipe, wrapped tightly around the pile

Un-coiling tubing

Woodchip pile mixed with food scraps,  ready-to-go hot mix

Starting second layer of compost

I piled hot mix around the pile and added water, coffee grounds and food scraps

Coils spaced at  6-8"

 Pile of hot mix

 140deg F

Pile hot mix, water heavily and pack it down, I jump and stomp it down with my feet

Pile it on

Removing material from the sides after material is packed

Removed material to see depth/thickness

Third coil of poly pipe

Poly pipe connected with hose barbs and hose clamps

Third coil of poly pipe

Pre mixing hot mix
 1 part Nitrogen to 4 parts Carbon
1 cuyd gets 150gal of water

Mmmm ...Kale 

Adding another 18" layer of hotmix compost

Lots of compost, at 50 cubic yards here

The Tank top is at 6 feet high

Top siliconed and bolted on the tank after filling with compost slurry
80% Compost slurry : 20% Air space

Tubes entering drain pipe

1" Poly to 1/2" Poly pipe and off to the greenhouse for heating needs

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