Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Building a Hoop House

The beginning of a 8' x 12' hoop house

Lay down road base or crushed gravel and pack it down until it wont compress any further

2x6" boards on top of road base,
EMT anchor posts that keep the greenhouse from blowing away

Hoops bent and installed on anchor posts

Roll up side rails and wiggle wire channel,
5/16" eye bolts to support roll up bar and to attach ropes

Wiggle wire channel attached to stringers

Installing end walls after erecting hoops

Plywood mounted on west end wall

Strong ties to connect 2x4's

East end wall with door hung

Raised beds mached up made from untreated 2x12's

After 11hrs of work, the door and east end wall took half of that time to install

All wood work done

Back Wall Stained

Back wall with cedar strips

Doors open

Work Bench

Aquaponic tray (2x8ft)

Under soil Heating and Cooling

150w Aquarium heater (one of two)

Almost Finished, needs finishing touches

Roll up sides

Polyethylene Endwalls

Green Wall planter

Drain Holes

Green Wall/ living wall mached up with irrigation