Monday, August 25, 2014

Worms and Aquaponics 8/21/14

Worm bins and water tank on ground level

350 gallon tank with 9" wicking bed on top

Water height at 31",  
9.2 gal/in. water
9.2 gal/in. x 31" = 285 gallons

Drain pipes from all the different beds

Worm bins with acorn squash growing

Growing my own fish food
All sorts of plankton, rotifers, insect larvae, duckweed and water bugs growing.

Looking up

Strawberry plant recently planted in the 3" media bed

Nice roots after 5 days

Lemon Cucumber

5" media bed with 1"-1.5" river rock

Compost, worms and soil and mixed in with the rock

Looking down on the wicking bed

Soil layer of wicking bed... needs more compost or mulch on top

Cucumber and basil

Iron deficiencies in the wicking bed

Hanging pot with epazote

Outer ring with algae and duckweed growing