Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greenhouse Lights/Homebrew LED

All the parts laid out

Cree Emitters mounted to Stars

Cree Star with solder applied to the pads.  It is important to apply the solder to the pad before mounting the LED to a heatsink.


Aluminium stock that the LEDs will mount to.
The strips are 1"W x 1/8"D x 144"L

Aluminium stock mounted to pine strips.

The Stock was attached with self tapping 1" screws.

LEDs and Thermal epoxy

Layout of the different color LEDs

The aluminum is cleaned with steel wool, 
rubbing alcohol and toilet paper

With surfaces clean the LED can be epoxied to the aluminum stock

 Wiring the LEDs together using 20g wire.

Epoxied 2100ma Buckpuck transformer

 Testing the first strip of lights





In sequence

11/24/13 Photo update/ Happy Birthday Mom

Second real snow of the year today, snowed most of the day, spent most of the day in the greenhouse.

Pots on top

Cleaning the East bed of the nasty goop

 Clean water in the Sump

Electric service pole where the main breaker box will be mounted

PVC in ditch, glued and inspected.

Ok to fill in Ditch

Thermostat wires were exposed and possible to damage so we housed them in Pex-Al-Pex

 Wire exiting the Pex

Sprouting Sunflower seeds for the chickens.  Sprouting times take much longer in the winter w/o heating.  Normally these take 8 days from dry seed to micro greens.
The tray on the left at 5 days and right has been 3 days.

Cress in the East bed, tightly bunched and small.

Cleaning a very green biofilter/ compaction column 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stats and Figures

Important Dimensions

Greenhouse dimensions: 48' x 30' foot print  (1440 sqft.)

Height of 15' with 4' sides, Approximate volume of 13680 (cuft)

Aquaponic Tank Volume: 44" x 44" x 32'  (3225 gal)
Aquaponic Sump Volume: 44" x 44" x 90"  (756 gal)
Aquaponic Bed Volumes: 42" x 2" x 36' (165 gal) x 2 beds = (330 gal) or (165 gal) x 3 beds = (495 gal)

Aquaponic system, Total water volume:   3981 gallons
Total aquaponic water volume (both systems):  7962 gallons, (3981gal single system)

Total aquaponic water mass (both systems):  63696 lbs, (31848 lbs single system)
Total aquaponic water energy (single system): 32,000btu/+-1 degF (9378w/+-1 degF

Heating coil length: 550' x 1/2" Pex-Al-Pex  (5.62 gal)

Electricity Use

Water Pumps                   500w   18hrs
Water Blower Pump        240w   24hrs
Blower Plastic                   72w   24hrs
Fans Ventilation              120w   24hrs
Shutters                           120w   24hrs
Lights                              360w   18hrs

Zone Valve Controller    120w   24hrs
Heat pump                      240w   24hrs
Electric Heater            27000w   (x)hrs

Minimum Draw:         40.5 Kw/ Daily      (or @.11/Kw = $4.46)
                                  1215 Kw/ Monthly  (or @.11/Kw = $133.65)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Indoor Aquaponics

Indoor aquaponic setup for raising tilapia fry and fingerlings.
Simply take a cutting from the plants and stick it in the gravel bed.
Watercress planted today 11/18/13

18" x 60" Trays with a 55gal tank
800 gph pump
300w aquarium heater
3w LED rebel luxon star

Top bed

The pump has a return valve before it is pumped to the top bed, the return loop returns a large volume of pumped water back to the tank with only a small portion pumped to the beds,
The pump is on a timer set to 15 minutes on and 45 minutes off.

Aquarium titanium heating element

Feeding the chickens sunflower micro greens, they like them.

The farm from above.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Soil Mixing

The Mix
1 part Leafs
1 part Coconut
1 part Perlite
2 parts Compost
1/4 part Native soil
1 tbs Humic Acid
2 cups Azomite

Mixed in 10 gallon batches with a cement mixer.

Shredded leafs

Coconut coir

Native Soil



Humic Acid