Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Compost Process

Food scraps are collected from businesses around town

Compost Bins

Food scraps are added to compost bin

Good looking veggie scraps

Cover the veggie scraps with carbon source

After food scraps are composted they are added to worm bins 

Fresh material in worm bins

Worm bin covered with wood chips

Compost sifter with casting catchment

Hopefully will have less fuss while sifting compost 

Worms can be removed using light and their tendency to group together in to a herd

The worms will move to the center of the pile to avoid light

Slowly removing material until only worms are left

Worm Ball

Worms moving

Sifting screened compost for worm castings using a 1/16" screen

Screened compost from compost sifter

Plastic container and screen

Screen is made from 2x4's, 1/4" screen and 1/16" screen.  
The screens are stapled to wooden frame

Hand screening compost

After screening, a little bit of compost

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