Friday, January 18, 2013

What is Compost?


In nature plants drop their leaves when temperatures get colder.
The leafs fall to the ground and are broken down by decomposers like fungi and bacteria.
During the decomposition process material is chemically broken down into its most basic parts by the consumers, fungi and bacteria and minerals and nutrients are returned to soil.
Plants absorb the nutrients produced by the decomposers and cycle begins again.

Composting utilizes the natural process of decomposition found in nature and concentrates the organic material as to quicken the process of decomposition.
One of the many products of the composting process is an organic mixture that is comprised mostly of decayed organic matter that can be used to grow plants.

--Organic Waste--
Food waste and Plant debris is collected

Animals eat food and plant waste and make more animals, manure, eggs, meat and most importantly, happy animals
Worms eat every thing else that animals dont and make more worms and worm poo

Fungi and Bacteria breakdown Organic material into its most basic parts creating mineral and nutrient rich compost

--Finished Compost-- 
Finished compost can be used as a plant fertilizer or soil amendment to produces more food and healthier plants and help restore the soil.