Monday, July 20, 2015

Aquaponic Dome Durango

Sprouting Operation

Hand Washing Station

Sediment and Duckweed catchment barrels

Duckweed grown to feed the fish

Worms for sale

North Wall

Lower aquaponic tray

Cilantro Pots

Carrots in aquaponics

Lettuce mixes in 3 gal pots

South Wall, Lower tray

Water cress and duckweed

Feeding Goldfish and tilapia worms

Tilapia eating worms

Sprouting trays for sunnys

Basil on top trays

Mature basil plant after two harvests.
 This plant was started on 3/11 
moved to a 6" pot on 4/27  
4.5 months old
 3 months old from transplant
ready to pesto or compost or give away

DHS Greenhouse Project

12'x24' footprint, double wall polycarbonate

Steel Reinforcement cage

Cement foundation and pathways