Saturday, January 25, 2014

FLC Composting

The University here in Durango has a very cool tool called a Rocket Composter.
A UK based company called Tidy Planet makes all types of waste disposal units that make the most out of our waste stream.  

The school purchased an A900 rocket composter a few years back and has been turning the campus food waste in to compost.  Rocket composters are cool because they can save money in waste removal and disposal by turning 900 gallons a week or 8 dumpsters full of material into a valuable compost product in a 2 week time period.  

They are very energy efficient and simple to operate, for example the A900 the school has uses about 60kw biweekly, $1.04 at current electric rates and requires one person to load food waste and remove finished material on a daily basis (which is minimally time intensive).

The main pitfall is the initial investment cost is about $50,000 shipped and installed, but pays for itself relatively quickly by cutting waste removal and landfill costs.  (Aka, landfilling 900 gallons every two weeks or a 4cu. yard dumpster every day)

A900 Rocket composter

Control board

Operation specs

Finished material

The finished material still needs to be traditionally composted for another month before it is ready for application.

Locations on campus that could use some compost .
Chemistry/ Bernt Hall courtyard
Chemistry Hall courtyard
 Center for Southwest Studies court/garden

 Art Building Courtyard


In front of Library

Side of Library

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