Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Belated Photos

Mostly finished electric panel installed by the professionals

Still need a few more 15A lines run.
The heater required Three double pole 40Amp breakers

Incoming service line, 1/2" thick (nuts)

The electric coming through the greenhouse wall

North Wall

Heater all wired up

Greenhouse Controls, timers, switches and thermostats, joy.

Relocating the Bio filters/ Fluidized sand filters to the front

Self cleaning debris filter in the location on the bio filter.  

The water sprays out of the delivery pipe, passes through a 100 micron stainless steel screen, falls to the bottom of the barrel where it returns to the tank.  Any debris larger than 100 micron cant pass through the screen washes in to a secondary filter with 100 micron filter socks.  The socks need checked at least every 3 days under normal operation.  Plankton are a crucial part of the ecosystem and it is crucial to not remove to much of the population.  With a 100 micron screen size about half of the desirable plankton in the system are filtered out.

Got this Idea from MR1SUPERB, he gets all the credit for this one, way to go man, keep up the good work.

Notes on Plankton

There are three main types of plankton.
 (phytoplankton, zooplankton and bactrioplankton)
(Plant)             (Animal)             (Bacteria)
Megaplankton  >20mm
Macroplankton 2-20mm
Mesoplankton .2-2mm
Microplankton 20-200 micron
Nanoplankton 2-20 micron
Picoplankton 2-.2 micron
Femtoplankton <.2 micron

When the temps get low atoms contract, well the atoms in this plastic contracted enough with the cold to shift the plastic enough so the drain holes no longer lined up.

 The plastic used to sit nice and flush with the bed sides, @ 32degF it no longer sits flush.

14g wire run from the top down

LED 40w transformer

Used IBC totes Justin got delivered for 140 each.  They were used to store ferric hydroxide in a previous life.  The totes measured 36"L x 42"W x 36"H with a 11' square footprint and 33 cubic foot / 222 gallon volume. (11,33,222) weren't a good sign.

Cut the top off and cleaned them out with Scotchbrite pads and water.

IBC tote insulated and fitted with a lid.  It took two 300 watt heaters to keep the temperature at 82 degF in a insulated and sealed system

We ordered 1500 tilapia fry and they were not delivered on time (overnight shipping) and 1000 died.  This was hard, I don't like to see animals suffer.

Weighing fish to determine weight.

Bucket of dead fish.

Scale and ground up fish feed

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