Friday, November 15, 2013

Aquaponics Photos 11/14/13

Laying 2" PVC in the ditch at a depth of 18"

Filled buckets waiting to be watered before loading them into the beds.

West Bed

White Sage

Control Board with Thermostats attached and wired

Wiring Intermatic GM40 Timer


 Sunflower microgreens. 
 Varied the seed spacing on three different trays, thin, medium and heavy.

Night shot

 Top bed filled with 180ish pots

Draining the East tanks to clean a strange mess in the beds and tank.

The bottom of the beds and tanks have strange casings in them that resemble fish poop. There is a layer 1/4" thick on the bottom of the tanks.  I think this is from 2lbs of duckweed that died and sunk, and was eaten by some critters that have now died due to a lack of food and population explosion.

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