Sunday, June 21, 2015

Greenhouse construction almost done

HDPE 20mil pond liner

cut cut


pre folding

weed barrier/ pond fabric

stapled in place

no sharp edges

adding river rock

5 cuft. added

river rock from top trays

Tomato plant in 6" pot

System nichees

pulling appart compost water heater...  notice the kinked tube

never again will I attach the poly pipe to anything.  When the pile begins to slump every thing compressed with it

Beets and lettuce

Water delivery, lots of bends

Valves to the top trays

parsley and mint

Backup thermostat with electric heater

basil in 6" pots in 3.5" bed

 6" bed

outer bed

soilds in the bed

Upper beds drain to lower beds

water passes through a bucket of rock with cress growing

solids settling and fish food tanks


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