Sunday, April 26, 2015

Compost water heater update

 The construction of the compost water heater began 
on 10/22/14 was construction was finished 11/1/14 

It has successfully heated the greenhouse through the winter 
from November to April and is still heating.  

The water temps have fluctuated from 90 to 140 deg with an average of 105.  When water temps were 140 I could easily heat the 350 gal fish tank to 85deg and keep it there with outside lows around 30deg.

Compost heating pile with pots on the ground and grass on top

4'x30' veggie patch cleaned up and mulched

Grey Dove oyster mushroom

Fungi in the garden beds

lots of fungi and worms

Corn, corn, corn


 Cilantro flowers
who's that guy?

Big kale, actually super sweet stuff, not tough at all

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