Monday, December 22, 2014

Aquaponic Greenhouse 12/22/14

Compost water heater @ 97deg F.

10x20 tray with oyster mushroom (all that white stuff) fully colonnaded on straw substrate

Out door compost pile temp @ 150 deg F


Looking down on the wicking bed

Cilantro and Arugula seedlings that were planted 20 days ago

Tomatoes going strong


Cilantro and Arugula mix

2-4" Lettuce Mix


 more 2-4" Lettuce Mix


Cilantro testing

Sunny Shoots on day 8 and 9
Canopy Grow Beds, very active and healthy


Soil pots in Hybrid compost wicking bed

Water cress in shady section of hybrid wicking bed, using a 2" layer compost on top of 6" of 1" river rock


Bright LED, draws 4.5w 

Fish tank with lighting

48" L x 48" W x 36" D

Gold fish eating worms, the Tilapia eat algae and the duckweed

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