Saturday, October 12, 2013

9/6/13 Photos

Roll up Sides

Trimming Plastic

Roll up Side gear box

Cleaning pipe ends before sweating.

Attaching 2"x6"x96"boards to the greenhouse rafter poles.  These boards will hold the hot water lines

Manifolds for compost heating coils.

Brass PEX - Galvanized T -  1/2" Poly hose barb

Attaching 3/4"PEX to Boards

More 2x6 framing.

Heating lines PEX 3/4"

Heating Lines

PEX-AL-PEX used for tank filling

Heater Board with mulch

Manifold with Boiler and South bib lines attached.

Yard waste for compost heating

Chocolate Mint still in their starters

Strawberries in Pots

Strawberries in small pot in watercress beds.
This plant an sent out a runner that has rooted itself in the gravel.


Before adding fish to an aquaponic system, the system must be cycled.  
What this means is bacteria must be grown to convert the fish waste ammonia into nitrate.

To do this I add fish emulsion to the tanks.  Every day adding about 1/4 to 1/2 cup to each tank, after a week the bacteria is usually fully established and any fish emulsion that is added is quickly converted to nitrate.  
A note of caution when cycling your Aquaponic system

With all that available nitrate plants will grow rapidly, be sure to have enough plants in the system to absorb that nitrate or algae will begin to grow and soon become the dominate plant in the system. 

Beginning to revamp the chicken hoop

Attached framing to the exterior of the hoop house end walls to staple plastic to. 

End wall after stapling and chicks.

Attaching plastic to Greenhouse with staples and firing strips.

Big ol Worm

Durango Apple Days 

Pie Eatin

Katie won the Pie eating contest, fuck yeah.

Finishing Pie

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