Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sloping the beds

I had to back track a little and put a slope on the flood trays so they would fill and drain at that right speed.  What I didn't account for was just how high the flow rate of water entering the beds was.  The water would drain at the proper rate but the flow rate across the beds was to low.

The original slope was changed from 1"of drop over the span of 36'  
3" of drop over 36'.

 Put in 2x4 cross braces at each pylon
 The Purple lines are level or no rise
 I used a car jack and some wood blocks to raise each section to the the desired height, then re drilled and attached the stringers

 Evicted plants, sad huckleberrys.
 Racks doing work
 A drain that allows for adjustable water height and keeps duck weed out of the sump tank

 Result of setting the timer to cycle once every 12 hrs for 30min.  I'm guessing the water inside the tube and exceeded the max temperature, the hose failed and leaked and with no water in the tube it melted in the days heat.
Chicks romping around

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