Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Water Filters

Swirl Filter
A Swirl Filter removes solid material from water by using centripital force to pull debris to the outer edge of the bucket where they settle to the bottom.   Clean water is then drained from the center of the bucket.  Solids need to be removed from the bucket every week or so, this is done usually with a simple drain valve.

Foam Fractionator
A Foam Fractionator or Protein Skimmer removes material from your water by floating them to the surface using bubbles or foam.

A Fractionatior works by runner water through a device with a large air to water interface. The goal is to create foam which removes organic and inorganic compounds and all sorts of proteins, amino acids, fats, oils, metals and dissolved solids.  

The foam entraps pollutants in the water as they stick to surface of the bubbles.  Bubbles are ejected from the system before the water returns to the tank.

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